eliyahu Jian

About Eliyahu

Known for his keen sense of humor, contagious smile and extensive ability to simplify esoteric wisdom, Eliyahu employs a multitude of spiritual tools when sharing his teachings. His lectures, mentorships, seminars and soul readings have taken him around the world as his vision and guidance create a roadmap that deeply motivates and inspires others. Eliyahu translates profound spiritual wisdom into practical advice to empower you to live your happiest and most fulfilled existence.

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Love is the answer no matter what the question is, something you hear Eliyahu Jian say often. Over the years he has taught me to face all of life's challenges with grace, healed my body using various healing modalities from around the world, from aromatherapy to crystals to using kabbalistic tools, he finds what ails you on a spiritual and physical level. His greatest gift however, is giving you the tools to heal yourself. With a little help from the beyond Eliyahu Jian is truly a healer and mentor of the highest order.

Yvette Broder

- President

The people around me started to see a new empowered individual. That encouraged me to grow even stronger. Eliyahu Jian brought me out of my shell. He showed me characteristics that I thought were my strong suite, but in reality were really things holding me back, an illusion I was hiding behind.


- Co-Founder & President of ViSalus

I've been blessed with some amazing mentors in my life, but Eliyahu's innate gifts make him truly "one of a kind". His experiential approach, combined with creative understanding makes him an outstanding life teacher with a rare ability to reach in and elevate a person's own unique potential.

Louisa Relia

- Founder and Principle SEED _design collaborative

What draws me to work with him is Eliyahu's ability to blend and fuse the mysteries of the universe, Kabbalistic wisdom, practical coaching, high level and strategic planning with love and humour into language that I can understand and implement into my everyday life


Affirmations and Inner Reflections book

Affirmations and Inner Reflections

The snail with no shell Book

The Snail with No Shell

The finding God Book

The Finding God Workbook: CTW52

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