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For nearly three decades, I’ve been guiding men and women through the process of strengthening their relationships, improving their businesses and embracing healthier lifestyles while connecting to a higher power and purpose.

I make my home in Los Angeles, with my wife Debbie and our three children. My roles have included coaching CEOs, investment fund managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders from every walk of life.

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I don’t take myself too seriously and I like to make people laugh and help them choose joy and happiness. How we feel today and every day is a choice. What will you choose to create in your own life? I like to simplify spirituality and make it more accessible. I translate profound spiritual wisdom into practical, everyday advice that empowers people to live their happiest and most fulfilled experiences.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to accept a specific religion or belief system to work with me. I base my work on transcendental principles common to all humanity.

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