We’ve all heard of the story of Yosef the Egyptian from the Bible. Beyond just being a historical narrative, what can we learn from the life of the great Biblical patriarch who is now referred to as “Yosef the Righteous” or “Yosef Hatzadik”? We can learn from his journey of leaving the land of his family and friends, becoming a prisoner in Egypt, and despite the challenges he experienced, emerging as a wealthy and influential leader.

In parallel with our own lives, we all go through a process of needing to leave behind the people, places and things that are holding us back from realizing our potential, no matter how difficult that process may be. As this relates to our financial success, we need to understand that money is like a language that reflects how you’re doing from the perspective of being open to receive blessings from the Creator. Yosef the Righteous, as a spiritual figure, represents the money and success that comes through this Universe. If you become open to receiving, with no shame and no fear, then the money that Yosef the Righteous represents will be more than amazing for you.  If you feel guilty about receiving money, then don’t feel like a victim when you don’t have it. It’s important that you start by changing your own relationship with money by shifting your perspective, and the intention behind why you want to receive it.

In his own life, Yosef was always in situations that involved other people being jealous of him, whether they were jealous of his looks, his dreams, his money or his success. He had to move away from the people who were jealous of him, and he found himself in Egypt, in a place where he was a slave. Yet, he was happy about being a slave. He went to prison and then became successful. What’s the lesson here? The lesson is to choose your environment. Environment really means the people that you’re around. If you’re surrounded by people who don’t believe in you, people who are jealous of you, people who just don’t care about you, you’d be better off being a slave to your enemy. Your enemy will never be jealous of you, they might hate you, but they’re never jealous. That’s why jealous people always get closer to us and our enemies go away from us. For this reason, God put Yosef in a place that seemed terrible, prison, and that’s why he made his money there, and built his success and his legacy. This was more of a possibility there, in his position of slavery and imprisonment, than it would have been in a place where people were jealous of him.

Another lesson we can learn from Yosef is the importance of having the ability to be clear about what it is that we need to do in this life. Clarity can come from two places. One is when we selfishly only care about ourselves, so we get clarity on how to fulfill that need. The second is to receive clarity about what we need to do for the global community, and receiving that type of clarity is a good driving force.

Today, think about where you are in your life. Are you thinking about the global community, or are you thinking about yourself? Sometimes we can be doing a lot of great things that benefit the global community, but we’re doing these things because we want the global community to believe in us. Sometimes, we do great things for the global community and we don’t want anybody to know about it, but somehow it comes around because the global community needs us. Everybody can be useful for the global community, and not everyone needs to be a leader. There are people who need to cook for the global community, give money, give service, give lectures, everybody’s good at certain things. Find out what you’re good at and how you can become a part of the global community in order to make it better.

Thank you all for being in my life. Thank you for bringing my energy and my skills out through your minds and through your souls. I am grateful to be able to help many people through sharing blogs and videos like these.

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Thank you and may God bless you all!

Eliyahu Jian