Where to Invest your Energy in Your Business

October 26, 2021
3:00pm PDT / 6:00pm EDT

Feeling overworked yet unsure if the things you’re investing time into in your business are going to pay off? Unsure of which risks to take or to avoid, which people to work with, which approach will bring the most reward?

This is one of the primary reasons why your business and your life aren’t at the level they could be. Knowing what to invest your energy into and what to AVOID will unlock a whole new level of insight and clarity that will translate directly into success — and loving your work instead of drudging your way through the work day overwhelmed, unclear and uninspired!

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Who Is This For?

If you are a business owner who wants to discover what you should be investing your time into and what to avoid, scale your business yet free up more time for living LIFE, and start loving your work and waking up happy every day, then this webinar is for you.

The Transformation

Here's What You Will Discover

Transform your business and your life during this free online event with Eliyahu Jian, Global Life and Business Coach to many of the world’s most famous and influential people.

You will learn:

  • How to know what to invest your time and energy into and what NOT to in order to grow your business while making more time for yourself to LIVE life!
  • How to transform your work life from overwhelmed and overworked yet lacking crystal clear direction, to generating the success you truly desire and finally feeling truly fulfilled.
  • How to harness your intuition on what risks or ventures are worth it, or when something is going to end in failure or loss.

Your Breakthrough Starts In


Meet Eliyahu Jian

My name is Eliyahu Jian, and I am a global, transformational life and business coach, published author and motivational speaker.

I have shared my guidance with many of the world’s most
famous and influential people, including Madonna, Demi Moore, Blake Mallen, Eva Cavalli, Eli Tahari, Marla Maples and Guy Ritchie — and thousands more worldwide.

Through my proven system of success coaching, decades of wisdom, and my gift of intuitive insight, I will help you achieve the money you desire AND lasting happiness and fulfillment beyond what you imagined possible for yourself.

I help people become the best versions of themselves, build ultimate wealth, achieve the business success they are striving for, achieve fulfillment and happiness, and most of all, create an immensely meaningful life through profound transformation.

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People Eliyahu Has Worked With



demi moore

Demi Moore

blake mallen

Blake Mallen


Eva Cavalli

guy ritchie

Guy Ritchie

elie tahari

Elie Tahari

maria maples

Marla Maples


Roseanne Barr

The Path to Success

Reveal How to Harness Your Business Intuition

Join Eliyahu on October 26th at 3pm PDT for his free online training to discover what to invest your time into and what to avoid, how to intuitively know what risks or paths to take, and how to transform your work life from overworked and lacking true direction to achieving the success and fulfillment you have always dreamed of.

All you need is the roadmap.

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