Spiritual Readings

Transform your life with spiritual readings, such as a face reading, astrological reading or healing, or spiritual coaching, with renowned spiritual guide to the world's most influential people, Eliyahu Jian.

Readings and Sessions

If you believe in a higher power and a creative universal force, then let us explore more about how we can work together along your spiritual journey.

Face Reading

Your face is the window to your soul. And it can reveal the root cause of your successes and failures in life. Understanding this nature of your soul can help you discover your purpose, break free of your limitations, connect to the energies that are present within you, and open the door to true and unimaginable fulfillment.


Astrology Chart Reading

The forces of the universe were organized in a specific and unique way at the moment of your birth. Understanding your true astrology chart can help you understand yourself deeply, reveal your true strengths and weaknesses, and uncover how to shape your own destiny.


Healing Session

A spiritual healing session will cleanse your body and your soul. My unique approach is aimed towards helping you break through your barriers and begin to truly heal yourself inside and out.


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Timeless Spiritual Wisdom

If you resonate with concepts in documentaries such as The Secret, or read books by spiritual business professionals like Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell, Dan Sullivan, but aren’t sure how to apply them in an organized way, we can change that together.

I can support you in applying the same timeless spiritual wisdom in your own unique way, so that you gain clarity and purpose on your life journey.

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