We all enter this life with three aspects to our souls:

Our behavior expressed through our actions

leading to the formation of habits

Our communication skills

both in a spiritual sense and with the people in our lives

The way that we think

our thought patterns and their causes

These three factors, our behavior, communication, and way of thinking set the foundation for our success or failure, both in our personal and professional experiences.

Getting to the root of our consciousness, uncovering “blind spots” and examining hidden influences can speed up our growth process. This new approach: dealing with the root cause of the way we express the three aspects of our souls, can support us in achieving true and meaningful fulfillment.

Consciously create, without limitation, the life you desire for yourself.

We can work together to clear your chakras, the energy centers of your body and soul, and release the restrictions that you’ve placed on yourself at your soul level. The goals of this process are for your struggles to cease, and for you to move towards your desired outcomes with greater ease and joy.

Move into alignment with your soul’s highest path and purpose.

Master your role as the conscious creator of your physical experience.

A Soul Reading with me can be done either virtually or in person here in Los Angeles. We’ll explore your life path, your current limitations and any negative thought or communication patterns, and how you can break free from what you are doing to hold yourself back. This process is ultimately about me coaching you to take control of the conscious and unconscious actions, patterns, thoughts and behaviors that are shaping your life.

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