Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Spirituality and religiosity sometimes fool people to think that there is a shortcut in finding a soulmate. But there’s work to do! Look for love! The goal is love; soulmates come after , if you are looking for love you will find your soulmate. Most people look for their missing piece as someone completing them or the other way around instead of focusing on love.

Love and relationship is a gift from the Creator. If a person behaves spiritually it will find you instead of trying to steal what’s ours.

Society pushes us to do things we don’t want to do and become people who we are not. If you want to take control of your relationship and need the spiritual guidance to do so these coaching sessions are for you.

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Which comes first? Do we reach for love and fall into loneliness or does loneliness follow our failed attempts at loving? With the divorce rate at 50% of all marriages and the statistics of Americans who acknowledge episodes and even chronic feelings of loneliness at 53 Million, a serious, and more importantly, spiritual approach to learning the hidden dynamics of both love and loneliness has high value for everyone.

Speaking on just that subject, Kabbalist, and Life Coach, Eliyahu Jian, is blunt and to the point: “Buying another dog, another cat, another bird will not solve the problem. If you are yearning for true love you are yearning for connection to another HUMAN BEING”.

You can fool yourself if you assume such a statement addresses only singles. Dead marriages where two people quietly coexist is more common than we want to admit.

Finding a safe haven where one can strip away useless defense of the ego to connect to genuine empowerment of one’s soul is not always easy to find. So those who come across the path of Eliyahu Jian are discovering life changing tools and community connections that enable such a transformative experience.

The heart of the matter for kabbalists like Eliyahu Jian is igniting within the heart what is already there, the capacity for genuine love with tools that strip away the desire to receive for the self alone and connect us to the source of true wisdom that leads to a unity with the creator.

“Loneliness seeps in when we get tired of giving, tired of sharing, Why do we get tired of giving? We lose the energy to love. We give up. Ultimately, we can be in a grave outside the grave with deaden feelings and entrenched self absorption. And then we wonder why we are trapped in a feeling of loneliness. How do we allow that to happened?

It’s a sliding scale. Love on one end and loneliness on the other
Yet it is in Love,  where we find the secret of divine Unity. We begin by loving ourselves”.