The path to meaningful relationships…..

Both modern takes on spirituality and age-old religious beliefs can lead people to think there can be a “shortcut” to finding a soulmate. There’s no magic wand that can make this happen, nor are we powerless to change the patterns of attraction we’ve set for ourselves.

If we’re willing to do the work, and truly look for love, we’ll find fulfillment with our partners. The first goal is finding and nurturing love. The soulmate connection comes after. If we’re looking for real love, we will find our soulmates.

Most people look for their “missing piece” or “better half” as someone who will complete them, or someone they can save and mold to their desires. The focus truly needs to be on genuine love.

Love and relationships are gifts from the Creator – an all-loving source of only good, only love and only what is best for us. If a person behaves in a spiritual way aligned with the principles the Creator has given us, love will find us and add more beauty to our lives, rather than taking away our energy and bringing us down.

Today’s society pushes us to do things we don’t want to do and to become something else other than what we are.

If you want to take the lead when it comes to the nature of the relationships you attract and develop, and want the spiritual guidance to do so, then these coaching sessions are for you.

My role is to help you discover life-changing tools and support you in making your connections to the people in you life more meaningful.

Right now, as you read this, within your heart you already have the capacity for genuine love. This is a love that removes the desire to receive for the self alone. It is a love that connects us to the source of true wisdom, leading to unity with the Creator.

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Some more background and insights

What comes first? Do we reach for love and fall into loneliness or does loneliness follow our failed attempts at loving? With the divorce rate at 50% of all marriages and the number of Americans who acknowledge occasional and even ongoing feelings of loneliness at over 53 million, we clearly need to change our approach. We’ve got to become more devoted to, and spiritual about, learning the way love really works and what it means.

“Buying another dog, another cat, or another bird will not solve your problem. If you are yearning for true love, you are yearning for connection to another human being” - Eliyahu Jian

The process is a sliding scale: love is on one end and loneliness on the other.

Loneliness seeps in when we get tired of giving, tired of sharing, Why do we get tired of giving? We lose the energy we need to really love. We give up. Ultimately, we become empty, our feelings are numbed and we become entrenched in our own self-absorption. We forget about the importance of giving, of sharing and working on ourselves. We forget that we must become the type of person we want to share our lives with. And then we wonder why we are trapped in a feeling of loneliness. How do we allow that to happen? If you’re looking for answers, I can help you find them as we explore your life path together.

Yet it is in Love, where we find the secret of divine Unity. We begin by loving ourselves.

Let’s take this journey together. I look forward to supporting you in being empowered to find and improve your most important relationships.