Gold Relationship Coaching Package

This transformational relationship coaching package which includes 10 one-hour coaching sessions once a week for 10 weeks with Eliyahu is for couples or singles who are ready to take their love life to the next level and finally start creating the relationship they have always desired. During our sessions we will reveal the obstacles that are currently standing in your way to achieving the relationship you truly desire, whether you have a partner or are looking for your perfect partner, deep dive into who you truly are and why everything in your love life has happened the way it happened, and make your dream for your love life a reality.


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Eliyahu will help you transform your relationship into the relationship of your dreams, or find your perfect partner, and create the relationship you have always desired.

Eliyahu’s natural gifts and uncanny ability to read and assess people and decipher exactly why they have the patterns, habits and traits they have, who they truly are inside, and what it’s going to take to achieve the love partnership they have always dreamed of in their life, is what makes his relationship coaching services unlike any other coach’s.

Through Eliyahu’s incredibly eye-opening and transformational approach, you will discover your true self at your core, and why you are the person you are. Why past relationships have failed, where your perceptions of love come from, and what has driven every choice and behaviour in your love life. And if you are doing couples coaching, your partner will discover the same, as you will also about them. You will get crystal clear on your vision of exactly what your dream relationship truly looks like — and the steps forwards to make it a reality.

Eliyahu has helped thousands of couples and singles worldwide manifest the love relationship of their dreams.

And he can do it for you.


“Eliyahu has helped me so much in my business and my life, and I’m a different person today because of him”

blake mallen


Billion-Dollar Brand Builder and TED Speaker

Meet Eliyahu Jian

Eliyahu is a global life and relationship coach, gifted intuitive teacher, speaker and author, with a natural gift and an uncanny ability to read people on a soul level and guide them down their path to the life of their dreams. He has been transforming thousands of lives around the globe for decades, including some of the world’s most famous and influential people, such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Blake Mallen, Eva Cavalli, Elie Tahari, Marla Maples, and Guy Ritchie.

With his incredible intuitive insight, decades of wisdom in life and relationship coaching, and unparalleled passion for helping and guiding people to living the life they desire, Eliyahu can open the door to a whole new level of love and fulfillment in your life — and you will finally manifest the relationship you have always dreamed about.

Gold Relationship Coaching Package


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What People Are Saying

“The quality of life and happiness that [Eliyahu] can bring to someone’s life is tremendous
and immeasurable. What we all experience here is something that I wish everyone can have.”


Michelle A,

“I was at a crossroads in both life and business, and I was fortunately introduced to Eliyahu by a close friend of mine. My experience with him truly enhanced my life and made me a better person.”

rob r

Rob B.

“The biggest impact is seeing that Eliyahu lives by what he preaches. And shows that everything that he is teaching works. Which is so rare.”


Sandra W.

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