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Healing session with Eliyahu Jian


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Every person has a karmic relationship with both his past and his future; even when we were in our
previous incarnation, a person chooses his life on this planet. He decides where to be born, to which
parents, and comes with hopefully an astrological lucky status and blueprint of what will happen to him
in this life.

When we accept the situation that we choose for ourselves, it is easier for us to deal with the life
pattern before us, try to understand it, learn from it and correct the mistakes or imbalances of the past.
That is how we move towards our enlightenment, which is part of the learning process of the soul.
In each region in the human body, energy flows through channels called Chakra. These Chakras are like
spinning wheels of energy. Each area of the body has it’s own chakra. In our physical body, there are
over 300 chakras.

When an energy region is blocked (mental or physical) or too open, a disease will start, corresponding to
its area in the human body.

Eliyahu explores the alignment of Kabbalistic Chakras. The physical body is the Nefesh, and it manifests
all your spiritual essence. Thus the healing is a spiritual soul healing which ultimately emerges on the
physical plane.

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Heartbreak and Self Acceptance, Opening third Eye to gain clarity and become more spiritual, Sexuality and Removing Fears/Blockage of Abundance