Healing session

A spiritual healing session with Eliyahu will cleanse your body and your soul, though his unique approach aimed towards helping you break through your barriers and begin to truly heal yourself in every aspect.


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Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul

Eliyahu also has an incredible gift for spiritual healing, and has helped people around the world heal their soul from the inside out.

To help you gain clarity, dismantle obstacles and realign your Kabbalistic chakras, a healing session with Eliyahu will utilize an effective combination of vibrations and sounds to help you reach the next level of your personal and spiritual journey.

Eliayhu’s healing sessions will not only help you to break through your barriers and connect you to your soul’s greater purpose, but deliver a life-changing ‘spiritual soul cleanse’ that will manifest on the physical plane and reflect in your body. By cleansing the soul, you’ll also gain better comprehension and clarity of the valuable lessons guiding your own personal journey.

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Heartbreak and Self Acceptance, Opening third Eye to gain clarity and become more spiritual, Sexuality and Removing Fears/Blockage of Abundance

“Eliyahu has helped me so much in my business and my life, and I’m a different person today because of him”

blake mallen


Billion-Dollar Brand Builder and TED Speaker

Meet Eliyahu Jian

Eliyahu is a renowned spiritual teacher, gifted intuitive, life coach, speaker and author with a natural gift and an uncanny ability to read and heal people on a soul level. He has been transforming thousands of lives around the globe for decades, including some of the world’s most famous and influential people, such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Blake Mallen, Eva Cavalli, Elie Tahari, Marla Maples, and Guy Ritchie.

With his incredible intuitive insight and heart-centered passion for helping and guiding people down their soul path, Eliyahu can open the door to a whole new level of clarity, vitality and insight into yourself and your life, and how to manifest the life you have always dreamed about in your road ahead.

Healing session


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What People Are Saying

“The quality of life and happiness that [Eliyahu] can bring to someone’s life is tremendous
and immeasurable. What we all experience here is something that I wish everyone can have.”


Michelle A,

“I was at a crossroads in both life and business, and I was fortunately introduced to Eliyahu by a close friend of mine. My experience with him truly enhanced my life and made me a better person.”

rob r

Rob B.

“The biggest impact is seeing that Eliyahu lives by what he preaches. And shows that everything that he is teaching works. Which is so rare.”


Sandra W.

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