Book - Billionaire's hidden treasure

Billionaires Hidden Treasure


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Learn to establish life’s most important building blocks: true freedom, desire, and the infusions from blessings from above. Find the billionaire within you.

This 1st edition is for our core members, and their families and friends.  This 200+ page book draws from the learnings of centuries, applied to modern life circumstances. 

Billionaire is a state of mind, not just how much money you have.’ —  Eliyahu Jian

An Excerpt:

“In the following pages of Billionaire’s Hidden Treasure, I have highlighted practical components to strengthen and expand the soul’s vessel in order to hold more light. Inculcating their value will help you elevate your soul and lead it toward an increased commitment to the journey we are all destined to make. I hope you will join me as we take seriously the blueprint provided by our sages to become all that the Creator intended for us to become, and to experience true freedom along the way.”

Eliyahu Jian
Los Angeles, California