The first steps in bringing your goals into reality are: making the vision you want to achieve clearer and developing the skills to be able to communicate those goals to others.

Business Coaching

Using my unique approach of Kabbalistic teachings, my business workshops and coaching sessions can help you align more definitively with your vision and desires. Whether you desire financial growth or desire to experience an abundance of happiness in your professional life, I can help guide you to the correct path. We will work to identify the obstacles and limitations that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential professionally and financially. 

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Relationship Coaching

The path to embracing a meaningful relationship, involves pushing past modern ideas and standing firm in who we are.  I work with both individuals and couples to understand their strengths and weaknesses that prevent us from creating genuine connections with others.

In each session, we dive deep into conflicts of relationships using profound spiritual, practical tools that shall nourish your growth in positive love relationships.

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Motivational Speaking

I want to show how spirituality can help take your professional life to the next level. 

I can facilitate a dynamic group workshop or presentation based on the spiritual business principles I work through with my clients and students.

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Spiritual Sessions

Do you believe in a higher power, a creative universal force? Are you willing to learn how to co-create with that higher power? 

If yes, then we can work together to “tune up” your spiritual frequency. My aim is to create profound soul-searching experiences for men and women who want to embrace a life enriched by true meaning and purpose.

You can journey towards being more empowered to create and attract your desired life.

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