Ready to transform your life? Holistic, transformational coaching with life, business, relationship and spiritual coach to many of the world’s most influential people, Eliyahu Jian, will propel you on the path to turning your dreams into reality.

Life Coaching

Are you looking for a life coach who will help you completely transform your life?

Through holistic coaching, spiritual wisdom, and psychic insight, Eliyahu will help you transform the most profoundly important pillars of your life, including your career, happiness, relationships, and spirituality (which can also be defined as purpose or meaning, in case you aren’t a necessarily “spiritual” person — which is okay!).

You will discover your true self and your deepest desires for your life, and we will make them a reality. Eliyahu can be defined as a “success coach” — his primary goal is to help you achieve success in all areas of your life.

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Business Coaching

As a holistic business coach for entrepreneurs and CEOs from small businesses to large corporations, Eliyahu’s goal is not only to scale your business and make you more money, but help you achieve success in all other areas of your life that go hand-in-hand. What good is being rich without happiness? Without the time to enjoy it? Without meaning in your life?

We will laser in on your vision and desires for your business and your life, identify the obstacles and limitations that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential professionally and financially, and then break through them and make your dreams a reality.

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Spiritual Coaching

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual connection in life or for a profound spiritual transformation?

Eliyahu is a renowned spiritual coach and mentor who will work together with you to “tune-up” your spiritual frequency. His aim is to create profound soul-searching experiences for men and women who want to embrace a life enriched by true meaning and purpose.

You will uncover your soul purpose, and transform your life into one of deep meaning, inner peace, and profound happiness. We will go beyond the realm of life coaching and draw from the deep lineages of spiritual leaders and their wisdom. Eliyahu’s approach draws from a 30-year journey as a spiritual teacher and passion for helping others experience a spiritual transformation in their life.

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Relationship Coaching

Achieving the ultimate relationship with your partner very rarely happens on its own. To unlock that highest level of connection with your partner, you need to first dive deeper into who you are and how to unlock your capacity for genuine love than you ever have before. Then, we dive into the dynamic of your relationship at its core and start the transformation.

Eliyahu is a love and relationship coach who works with both individuals and couples to understand their strengths and weaknesses that prevent us from creating the relationships we desire.

In each session, we dive deep into conflicts of relationships using profound spiritual, practical tools that will improve your communication, happiness, fulfillment, passion, patience, understanding, and most of all, help you and your partner achieve love in its purest, unconditional form.

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Motivational Speaking

My greatest joy in life is empowering individuals to discover their purpose and transform their lives.

I regularly present to groups large and small, corporate and educational. I can facilitate a dynamic group workshop or presentation based on the spiritual business principles I work through with my clients and students.

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