“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and a man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller 

What do you desire to receive in life? What are you working towards? Have you thought about the motivation behind your desires and your work? My motivation is sharing love. I love my wife Debbie Jian and traveling with her means we share love wherever we go. I love my students and friends, and it makes me happy to see them grow and reach spiritual healing. I’m grateful to be on this spiritual path with my loved ones here at the beautiful Villa Mangiacane in Tuscany, Italy. This place has its own very unique story as it was designed by Michelangelo for the Machiavelli family. We’ve been joined by spiritual seekers from the USA and Brazil, and in this place, we are reflecting on the relationship between desire, spirituality, money and receiving prosperity from the universe. 

Instead of desiring what we don’t have, we are here in this place to think about what we want from the perspective of, “what can I receive from the Universe and reflect back to all creation?”. 

If we become capable of reflecting everything that we want to receive from the Creator back towards the created world, then we can have what we desire. If we cannot reflect back to others around us, and are looking to receive only for ourselves, then we can’t have what we want. 

No matter what your religious beliefs are, if you personally don’t think you deserve more than what you have now, and to go further than where you are now, you’re insulting God. Think about it this way: if a friend cooks you a delicious meal and invests a lot of effort into setting the table and serving the food in an artistic way, do you think enjoying his food is only for you? In fact, by you being grateful for what was done for you, and savoring the experience, you are actually doing more for the giver than you are doing for yourself. If a friend invites you on a trip, and you go and enjoy yourself, your friend will actually gain more than you do because he or she will know that you were happy because of what was done for you. In the same way, what is given to us by the Universe is in fact the Creator’s way of seeking joy. 

You’ve got to establish for yourself what your level of receiving is going to be. It can be challenging to do this if we’re under the impression that we’re not receiving enough. 

We can attract two types of experiences: one that is caused by a desire to receive because we don’t have, and the second is a desire to receive because the Universe wants to give. This establishes a different type of relationship between us and God. We begin receiving in order to give meaning and enjoyment to the Creator, and the ultimate root of that is a desire for all life to share in abundance, joy and blessings. 

A desire to receive because we don’t have comes from the darker side of creation – it reflects as believing that nothing is ever good enough. If you always think that you are lacking something in your life, the root of that is negative energy. 

A belief that we are not receiving enough because we are not sufficiently manifesting God’s desire in our lives is a good belief to have. The root of that is love, appreciation and a positive desire to create more good in the Universe. The stronger the roots are, the more a tree can grow into its full expression. 

Your spiritual essence is the engine driving your life. You need an engine that receives in order to drive positive realizations and be more useful, that is purity. If your engine receives but cannot function and serve a purpose, then that engine powers destruction. 

Another parallel is what happens when a movie is projected onto a screen. Wherever a screen stops the light that shines on it, that is the place that we are able to see the moving picture. If we look straight into the projector, we can’t see anything. The Creator who gives through the Universe is expressed as the Light, and we are where the Light is reflected. If we cannot reflect back to others around us, then we can’t have it. If we are capable of reflecting back everything that we want to receive, and share that with others, then we can have what we want. 

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Eliyahu Jian