Most people hear religious and motivational speakers, whether those training you to be spiritual, or training you to be great athletes preach the need to conquer your fear.  Personally, I find it very hard how you can conquer your fears.

What is fear to begin with and why does it exist?

It is a sensation that is innate in all living things. Science knows that.

And we all know fear can be the mother of all evils, stopping us from realizing and fulfilling our life purpose, sabotaging our happiness, our potential.

But we know too fear is also serving us to stay protected from different things. You can’t protect yourself from things like lions, or bullets. Your instinct is to run or hide.

So, knowing and appreciating our fear, in my opinion, will be the most important step toward understanding we are born with some potential disability, just as we are born with gifts and abilities.

But, here is the secret. Knowing your fear is knowing where the door to success is in your life.

Just like poison ivy, where the plant that can cure grows next to it, so too next to your fear there are always gifts waiting for you!

You don’t have to jump from a plane, or be chased by elephants in the jungle or fight with a bull in order to know the great gift of knowing and “tasting” your fear.

I know many people who chase all their life to conquer their fear. Those who think they have conquered their fears often end up with a huge amount of ego and the ones who try, and don’t succeed, suffer from self-hate because they couldn’t overcome it.

Knowing your fear and overcoming it quietly without making too much noise of what you conquered is a very important chapter in your life.

I know people who are afraid of water, insects, heights and others who claim no fear at all!

If you have no fear at all, then at least have the fear of the Almighty one! Not as a cultish religious fear, but as a healthy fear that keeps you appreciating God. As king David said in the book of psalms: “good is the person who is afraid all the time”.

To summarize, it’s time for people to stop pretending that fear is no longer a daily challenge, that they are free of fear, they have conquered that beast within!

And in like manner it is time for others to stop pretending that they can ignore responsibility for their fears because God will take care of everything and so they can act fearlessly in the face of danger.

No, respect the fear you feel.  Respect it and then recognize that God is your partner in facing it squarely as you move forward in spite of the fear.

Psychologist tells us that it is only by facing our fear that we can move beyond it, not ignore it, not suppress it, but recognize it and acknowledge its reality, while being humble enough to confess that Divine support is what is enabling us to meet every test fear brings.

The relationship we develop with God however, should have nothing to do with the results of the things we pray for. Fear is there to humble us and to keep us every mindful that we are human and have limitations.  If you embrace your fear and not be ashamed of it, you will find out that this is the biggest blessing God gave you. As my father may he Rest in Peace used to say: “if a person has no fear at all, he needs to be checked mentally.” Know your fear.  Feel the fear, but trust that the Creator is by your side to not to be defeated by your fear. A wise man doesn’t attempt to conquer fear, his test of strength is in his ability to bravely face his fear with God as his partner