Healing sessions are available in-person in Los Angeles.

The process:

My unique and specialised approach is geared towards helping you break through your barriers so that you can connect to your soul’s greater purpose.

Why my methods are beneficial:

Our physical body is the vessel for our soul and it manifests our spiritual essence. These specialised healing sessions are part of a “spiritual soul cleanse” which is ultimately reflected on the physical plane, through our bodies.

...the Spiritual Healing Session experience is rooted in the Karmic Belief System

What happens during a session:

I utilise specific methods that leverage upon the healing power of crystals and bioenergetics with the goal of facilitating healing of the energy centers, or Chakras, of the body. I work towards “tuning up” all of the Chakras in the body that are out of alignment.

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These spiritual soul cleansing sessions are based on the belief that every person has a karmic relationship with both his or her past and future. The concept of karma includes the acceptance of the reality of reincarnation: that in this incarnation and our previous ones, we choose our lives on this planet. We decide where to be born, to which parents,
and we arrive here with a, hopefully, favorable astrological predestination and a blueprint of what will happen to us in this life. Even if parts of our experiences may have been negative or part of a karmic debt or lesson, we can overcome them.

When we accept the situation that we have chosen for ourselves in this life, we become more empowered to deal with the recurring patterns behind us and ahead of us. We can then try to understand our patterns, learn from them and correct the mistakes or imbalances of the past.

This is an outline of the process of moving towards our own spiritual enlightenment, on our own terms, which is part of the soul’s learning process.

The Importance of Chakra Healing

Emotions are at the root of our overall health. All emotions are triggered by our thoughts— which are fueled by energy. Therefore, if we can heal the root, energy, we can then positively influence and improve our thought patterns.

In each region in the human body, energy flows through channels called Chakras. These Chakras are like spinning wheels of energy. Each area of the body has its own chakra. In our physical body, there are over 300 chakras.

When an energy region is blocked due to a mental or physical cause, or too open, an illness will start, corresponding to the area of the energetic imbalance in the body.