Healing session

This unique and completely specialized modality is your answer to breaking through your ultimate barriers so that you can connect to your soul’s greater purpose.

Our physical body is our vessel that manifests all of our spiritual essence. Thus, the importance of these specialized healing sessions as part of a ‘spiritual soul cleanse’— which ultimately emerges on the physical plane (reflected in our bodies).

Rooted in the Karmic Belief System:
These sessions are based on the belief that every person has a karmic relationship with both our past and our future; even when we were in our previous incarnation, we choose chooses our life on this planet. We decide where to be born, to which parents, and we arrive here (with hopefully) an astrological lucky status and blueprint of what will happen to us in this life.

When we accept the situation that we choose for ourselves, it is easier for us to deal with the life pattern before us, try to understand it, learn from it and correct the mistakes or imbalances of the past.

That is how we move towards our enlightenment, which is part of the learning process of the soul.

The Importance of Chakra Healing:
Emotions are the root of our overall health. And, all emotions are triggered by our thoughts— which are fueled by energy.

In each region in the human body, energy flows through channels called Chakras. These Chakras are like spinning wheels of energy. Each area of the body has it’s own chakra. In our physical body, there are over 300 chakras.

When an energy region is blocked (mental or physical) or too open, a disease will start, corresponding to its area in the human body.

Eliyahu helps attune all of Kabbalistic Chakras in your body that’s out of alignment.

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The Transformational Experience:

Eliyahu begins each session based on his spiritual psychic connection and follows that specific protocol that is needed for you based on his intuitive ability.

He then places various crystals on and around specific areas of your body. Sound is incorporated by the use of specialized chimes that are based on the vibrational need for each chakra.For the next part of the session, Eliyahu will take verbal assessment to find out more about you in relation to your assertiveness, reactions, (what keeps you up at night etc.) and then takes it from there on best course of treatment action.He then introduces appropriate mediations that will teach you how to get into the subconscious mind, through music and melody. One of Eliyahu’s most powerful techniques is to use a special pressure point on the forehead to activate Devine energy into your soul and body.

Elyihu then moves into a two-step process by which the first part includes him touching your feet with a special stone to ensure that you are releasing whatever is bothering you. On the flipside of the stone, he injects positive energy into the feet to help you move past any negative blocks.

He also places specific colored glasses over your eyes as part of an ‘open eyes mediation’ that it so powerful to gain clarity on your goals and what you would like to manifest for yourself. The color suggestion is based on the associated chakra color that is in most need of healing.

Throughout the session, Eliyahu will also utilize various types of scents and powerful essential oils to activate the appropriate energy.

He then cleanses your body with the American Indian feathers technique and sage which helps clean your aura and your body after all of the releasing and energy movement.

A bottle of water is always present during the treatment, which contains all of your newly restored energy. You are asked to drink this water post session to carry on the benefits.


Further holistic modalities are also introduced into the session based on your needs such as—Chinese sucking cups. These are used on both your chakra and meridian— cleansing together—so powerful!

The chakras house deep emotional scars from the past and the meridian is used for activating things in the present that need to be healed. Eliyahu will position the cups in the places that need to be healed from the past and present using the meridians (and the chakras as the guides).

Another great technique with the sucking cups is applying to the spine (area). Eiyahu is able to tune into the best areas to place the cups based on the emotion you are feeling. For example, if you are feeling fear he works with your bottom spine chakra, and if the energy is coming from the heart he applies to the middle— everything is unique and tailored to your needs.

It is truly time for you to breakthrough any negative energy that may be preventing you from living a life full wellness and abundance! Think of these healing sessions as the key to your awakening.

Eliyahu provides a healing session that combines spirituality with key physical points of your body. His instincts are impeccable as he identifies how your body reflects and expresses your emotional condition and then focuses the session to improve that condition.

Allen Ashkenazi
President, MobileVue

Eliyahu’s gentle, yet powerful technique helped me to realign my mind-body-spirit connection. He has a tremendous gift as an intuitive and healer. After just one session, I was able to see—no FEEL all the abundance I want to achieve in this lifetime. I have created so many opportunities for my personal and spiritual growth so far, but there is so much more!

Eliyahu’s specialized treatment is an invaluable part of my own process to continue to create and up-level success that is truly aligned with my soul’s greater purpose. And in turn, experience more daily joy and feel proud of the positive impact I have on my clients and those around me!

Nina Antinora
President + Success Coach
Change it Up, LLC.