Our whole universe operates as a wheel. Our life operates as a wheel. Time operates as a wheel. If you look at your life as that wheel you’ll recognize how we meet the same people and the same situations again and again until we inject a new consciousness. It also means sometimes we are up sometimes we are down. When you go on an “energy trip” with a group you become part of a circle of energy that magnifies your efforts toward personal transformation. First you meet people who are no longer here (sounds crazy ).

Through your encounter with these righteous souls, meaning people who have completed their Tikkun by overcoming all their Karma, you give your soul a boost of transformative support to reduce the damaging karmic space/holes encircling your health, your business and your relationships. It’s like turning on a light so you can finally see a clear path to reach your goal. Just like Caleb who went to connect to Abraham Isaac and Jacob to ensure victory over a limited consciousness, you too have an opportunity to draw down divine inspiration to bring into your life protection from the chaos that keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle destined to be repeated.


Morocco March 2018 Upcoming 

Trip to morocco March 11th to the 15th $2600 not including airfare plus :

Total amount recommended would be: $340
– Lunch & Beverages for 4 Days: $225 +
– Beverages to accompany dinner – non alcoholic, for 4 Days $25
– Bus Driver Gratuity – $30 P/P
– National Guide Gratuity – $60
– Spending money in the case they want to purchase small gift items in Fes. Not allot of time for shopping in this type of tour or timeframe – TBD

Need to know ASAP and deposit by December 20th