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Online, holistic business coaching for entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations. Identify what is preventing you from ultimate business success and break through it with renowned business coach, Eliyahu Jian.

Money AND Happiness

My goal is to help you scale your business, make more money, AND achieve success in all other areas of your life that go hand-in-hand.

What good is being rich without happiness? Without the time to enjoy it? Without meaning in your life?

We will laser in on your vision and desires for your business and your life, identify the obstacles and limitations that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential, and then break through them and make your dreams a reality.

How Spirituality Ties into Success

Even If You’re Not a Self-Proclaimed “Spiritual” Person

Our attitude, beliefs, and actions all have a spiritual component — spiritual basically meaning “deeper meaning”. The strength of your spiritual connection and purpose in everything you do in your business fuels your drive and ability to create true wealth.

My approach is holistic business coaching, which focuses on success, happiness, and fulfillment. Because what is being rich without being truly happy or deeply fulfilled in life? You need all three.

My goal is to weave lasting happiness and meaning into your wealth-building journey, which will shift your mindset on a very deep level to success and will ultimately be the differentiating factor to you finally achieving the success you’ve always desired. I will first guide you to identifying your present place in life and how you can redefine your goals, your passion, and your vision; so that you can achieve your dreams.

Sound Familiar to You?

  • My business has plateaued or lost momentum… how can I get out of this rut and start scaling my revenue?
  • I think my product/service is genius, why isn’t everyone buying it?
  • I feel like I’ve lost control of the direction my business is headed in.
  • I work so much I barely have time to live anymore. My life just works.
  • Why do my customers not appreciate me as much as they should?
  • How do I take risks and balance them with the possible rewards?
  • Sometimes I wonder what I am even doing… Am I in the wrong line of work? Why aren’t I happy, and achieving the success I’ve always dreamt about?

Let me help you make more money and truly be happy.

Are you ready to achieve ultimate business success, have the time to enjoy it, feel truly happy in your daily life, and be deeply fulfilled?

We will work together to overcome the fears and obstacles that are limiting you from ultimate wealth and preventing you from truly being happy in your business. And then we will make your dreams a reality.


There is no shame in your desire to be wealthy.

Business Coaching Session

$ 300

  • 1 coaching session

Gold Coaching Package

$ 1200

  • 4 coaching sessions
  • Your choice of 1 of my books mailed to you

Platinum Coaching Package


  • 10 coaching sessions
  • Receive a copy of all three books 

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