There is no shame in wanting to be rich. If money is not your goal, then feeding your ego is your goal.

Accept that money can be good, and a tool for you to use to create evenmore good in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Business is spirituality. The two are not two separate things. When you go to work, you’re not there just to make money. The relationships you have with others, and your attitude and beliefs about yourself, all have a spiritual component. We all need to be spiritual people in order to understand money.

Most people want to achieve things in their lives but not many people want to overcome things. What you want to overcome are things about your personality that you may need to get rid of in order to achieve your ultimate goals.

Do any of these experiences and questions sound familiar to you?

  • We think our product is perfect. Why is no one buying it?
  • I feel like I’ve lost control of the direction my business is headed in. What’s happening?
  • Why do my clients not appreciate me?
  • Who am I really? Who do my clients and customers think I am?
  • What is my product? Why should people buy it?
  • I need to build a bridge between who I am and who people think I am. I’ve got to do this so that I can make things better for my work and business. How do I get there?
  • How do I take risks and balance them with the possible rewards?
  • How do I become more aware of my decisions and the risks I am taking?

We can work through all of this together during our coaching sessions. I’m happy to work with you one or one, or I can put together a workshop for your group. Contact me to find out more about how to book me as a speaker or workshop facilitator.

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My workshops and coaching sessions can help you develop both the desire to make money and the desire to be happy. We’ll work together to ensure that you are making money, becoming successful, while truly being happy. Happiness is a choice that we can get to if we feel truly in control of our lives, personally and professionally.

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