Affirmations and Inner Reflections book

Affirmations and Inner Reflections

Daily affirmation – is a book for people who live their lives in the fast lane and don’t have time to read books from beginning to end, reorient your mind to endless possibility. This book gives you pages of how to behave in a certain time and if you use this book for at least 40 days, not only will you see changes in your life but you will become much wiser and make better choices.

It’s also a fun way to absorb wisdom that can guide you on such serious matters like relationships or business without complicated effort This unique way, where simplicity meets geniosity will help you to create you’re own freedom.

The snail with no shell Book

The Snail with No Shell

The tale of Joshy the snail is about a snail who accepts diversity and realizes that it is most important to focus on the you that is within. Joshy the snail is a thinker who one stormy night wanders far from home. During the storm, Joshy falls and breaks his shell. Instead of focusing on the broken shell he travels home as the snail with no shell, Joshy the Thinker. Along the way he sees his friends, but they do not recognize him. It is Joshy’s parents who instantly know it is him, even without his shell. They always saw the real Joshy and not the shell of what he wanted everyone to see.

The finding God Book

The Finding God Workbook: CTW52

This book is designed for spiritual people or for people who gave up on spirituality but would like to start again, Its based on time, meaning we live in a universe that time controls everything. The moment you read this just passed and will never come back. We are here to invest most of what we have in ourselves. Of course you all know or believe that there is a Higher Power. We don’t always find ourselves connecting to the Higher Power in the best way. This workbook will help you in a practical task oriented way to find yourself connecting to God all year around without religion or spiritual dogma and without having to be a member of any organized religion. This is for you on your own to do for 52 weeks and you will see the results.