Do you think we make ourselves busy as a society in general and if so why? Does this effect our happiness and if so, how?
Our universe has different types of people so I wouldn’t answer this answer as yes or no. This answer is based on the type of persona you are. The type of persona has to do with things we did in a previous lifetime.

If we believe in the Divine or any other form of high power, we can understand that there are people who make themselves busy and there are people that the universes keeps busy. The big question is are you busy to accomplish what you came here to do or are you busy just to kill another hour of your time in this physical universe because you don’t have that much joy in your life.

The first type are people who are meant to be busy and to accomplish what they couldn’t accomplish in their past lifetime. Those specific people will have the pressure to do something spiritual that everyone else will benefit from. The purpose here is not the pressure but the time management and the accomplishment . If you feel and know, and have witnesses around you that feel and see that you are beginning to accomplish more and more things that other people benefit from, this type of thing is wonderful and more things will keep you busy that will bring joy and happiness to people around you.

There is another type of persona who are addicted to being busy, meaning they are avoiding what they are meant to do here and just want to be seen as busy because they are avoiding the real spiritual work they came to do. For example in extreme; your kids need your help with homework and you stay an extra hour at work just not to deal with the attention you need to give your kids.

Happiness is a result of accomplishing what you came here to do. It is very important to seek out an astrologer, psychic or mentor, to help you find your purpose. If you don’t keep yourself busy for the sake of your real purpose in life, you will be miserable and won’t accomplish anything and as a result you will keep yourself busy so you don’t have to confront your real work.

What is the best way to fix this issue?
The way we fix the issue of people wanting to be busy for the sake of being busy is by asking them and suggesting to them to ask themselves this powerful question: what is your essence of being? What are your trying to accomplish? As it is written in the song of Rabbi Elkabatz, a famous Kabbalist from 500 years ago, the end of every action starts with a single thought. Before you start making yourself busy, think what is your purpose. If not you will find yourself just being busy for killing more time during the day. The solution is as simple as it sounds. Ask yourself what’s my real purpose here? If it’s money, what’s the amount? Buying a house? Am I getting there? Work? Am I getting ahead? You have to see that every action, thought and conversation are leading you towards your goal. When you find out what it is, you are in the right direction.

Why is the need to be still and less busy important for a person?
The need to be still and less busy is a form of meditation. Some form of looking within to see am you are in the right direction. Try to imagine yourself as if you are driving on the wrong highway, wrong direction, and you keep moving. The faster you drive you move further away from your destination. If you stop on the side and think and meditate and analyze where you are and where you need to go, there’s a better chance you will get there. Same with life, you need to find out for yourself are you in the right direction? If yes, you don’t need to be still, just keep on going with excitement and happiness. If not, it’s time to be still, relax, meditate and either change your direction or find out why are you here.

Any advice other advice you can share for living in a more simple and happy way?
Every person is born with a gift and talent from God but even diamonds that fall into the mud get dirty. In the end, it’s still a diamond, it doesn’t change. A diamond stays a diamond. We as humans are different types of shapes and sizes of diamonds created by the Divine. Sometimes we fall into the deep mud and we get dirty because of our egos, anger and different types of selfish behavior. At that moment we can’t be simple or happy. If we just realized we are still perfect the way the Divine created us and all we need to do is to remove the layers of mud around us, we will find happiness and simplicity right away. For that reason, if you ask me how to live a simple and happy life I suggest that within us there is an amazing beautiful baby that refuses to grow. Make sure at least five minutes a day to be as silly as a baby. Smile and laugh for no reason. Choose a hobby. I recommend reading my Daily Affirmations book or any other book that can make you laugh. Remember when you fall to sadness it’s not you, it’s the mud covering you. When you take a shower and remove the mud you will discover your true happiness from within.