Celebrating the true essence of giving during the holidays

Thanksgiving is a way to give thanks and giving to the Divine, to people, to yourself. Nobody wants wars, or division, or separation. Our need to protect ourselves is much greater than our need to fight. When the American Indians found out there was no war, they sat with the pilgrims and celebrated.

We are living in a time where few people believe in love and that’s why there are more people who celebrate war. After all, we need to blame somebody for all the pain we have.

The difficult part of removing blame and war from our lives is that we have to be in unity. When we agree that we have unity among us, we become the same. When we become the same, we fear we are losing our identity. Once we lose our identity, we have no ego. To make a very sweet drink the sugar has to dissolve. Once the sugar dissolves the drink becomes sweet. If you see the sugar at the bottom the drink won’t be sweet and it’s almost like its fighting the liquid not to be mixed with it. In our times, the diversity, lack of unity, and fights among people does not create “thanks” or “giving.” We must together find unity with people who we might not necessarily want to talk to, sit with, or have dinner with.

The word for dinner in the ancient language of Hebrew is called Seuda, which means support. This means that while we eat, we are supposed to support each other emotionally and be together.

In our days, because of all the social media, it is very hard to look one another in the eyes. Thanksgiving is about saying to ourselves that we would rather have more love towards people then we fear or hate them. We want to transform hatred and blame into love and responsibility. That is what we want to achieve because once we achieve this, the reward is loving ourselves. For that I would like to say thanks and do a lot of giving and charity for others because through that, I will be able to recognize the good within me. After all, if you don’t see the good within yourself, you can never love yourself. There are people we meet who don’t necessarily make us happy, but if we find one good thing within those people, we will be able to find one good thing within ourselves.

There’s not a more important time than now to celebrate Thanksgiving loudly.

Finding the capacity to love after the Tree of Life Synagogue tragedy

WASHINGTON: While preparing this week’s Torah portion, which has to do with the birth of Esau and Jacob, I cannot get out of my mind the devastating event that occurred at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Our hearts go out to them. The tragedy comes from the same jealousy and hatred that has existed since the time of Cain and Abel, and Esau and Jacob. It still pervades the soul of humankind. Enmity against another continues to fuel the lust to destroy the lives of others out of jealousy and self-righteous hatred of others. We must increase our capacity to love

People, in the name of hatred, still convince themselves of the
justification of taking a human life.

As I write this message with a heavy heart following the Tree of Life tragedy, I want to take this opportunity to reach out to as many people as possible. I beg you, especially those of you who have been victims of hatred and jealousy themselves, to understand that if someone hates or dislikes you, the answer is to move on. We cannot change our enemies. We can only change ourselves and the response within our own hearts and minds.

To do that requires, no, demands, the purging within our own souls any desire for revenge, or hatred. If feelings of injustice. To be able to forgive our enemies. It’s not that we agree with their actions, but we agree with love, not hate.

When Cain killed Abel, or when Esau wanted to kill Jacob, they didn’t feel they were doing it for the wrong reason, they thought they were doing it for the right reason.

Hatred’s right and just reasons wither before our capacity to love
Unfortunately, most acts of crime happen because the perpetrator feels it’s for a right and just reason. Whether through mental illness or out of plain hatred, that is why they don’t stop. As difficult a task as it is we must individually break the hellish cycle of hatred. And to do that, we must break the cycle within ourselves.

We have to stop justifying reasons to be jealous or another. Or to hate each other. We need to activate within us a higher vision of possibility. Find a way to open our hearts to the good in one another.

Tree of Life Synagogue shooting: The right way for Jews, and non-Jews, to fight back
We must also restrict the inclination to fuel our own tendency toward bitterness. Bitterness, and the accompanying hate that is too often the response to a tragedy.

To the degree that we are unable to elevate our individual love, on a consciousness level, we all remain responsible for what happened in Pittsburgh. Until we can relinquish our own hatred within, we remain plagued by the experience of hatred around us.

May this message underscores the urgency for our own personal transformation toward forgiveness, love and compassion even for those that hate. The people of Pittsburgh are uniting in response to hatred with compassion for their neighbor, there is no better message to the world to help us heal.

Being Busy or Fulfilling Our Life’s Purpose

Do you think we make ourselves busy as a society in general and if so why? Does this effect our happiness and if so, how?
Our universe has different types of people so I wouldn’t answer this answer as yes or no. This answer is based on the type of persona you are. The type of persona has to do with things we did in a previous lifetime.

If we believe in the Divine or any other form of high power, we can understand that there are people who make themselves busy and there are people that the universes keeps busy. The big question is are you busy to accomplish what you came here to do or are you busy just to kill another hour of your time in this physical universe because you don’t have that much joy in your life.

The first type are people who are meant to be busy and to accomplish what they couldn’t accomplish in their past lifetime. Those specific people will have the pressure to do something spiritual that everyone else will benefit from. The purpose here is not the pressure but the time management and the accomplishment . If you feel and know, and have witnesses around you that feel and see that you are beginning to accomplish more and more things that other people benefit from, this type of thing is wonderful and more things will keep you busy that will bring joy and happiness to people around you.

There is another type of persona who are addicted to being busy, meaning they are avoiding what they are meant to do here and just want to be seen as busy because they are avoiding the real spiritual work they came to do. For example in extreme; your kids need your help with homework and you stay an extra hour at work just not to deal with the attention you need to give your kids.

Happiness is a result of accomplishing what you came here to do. It is very important to seek out an astrologer, psychic or mentor, to help you find your purpose. If you don’t keep yourself busy for the sake of your real purpose in life, you will be miserable and won’t accomplish anything and as a result you will keep yourself busy so you don’t have to confront your real work.

What is the best way to fix this issue?
The way we fix the issue of people wanting to be busy for the sake of being busy is by asking them and suggesting to them to ask themselves this powerful question: what is your essence of being? What are your trying to accomplish? As it is written in the song of Rabbi Elkabatz, a famous Kabbalist from 500 years ago, the end of every action starts with a single thought. Before you start making yourself busy, think what is your purpose. If not you will find yourself just being busy for killing more time during the day. The solution is as simple as it sounds. Ask yourself what’s my real purpose here? If it’s money, what’s the amount? Buying a house? Am I getting there? Work? Am I getting ahead? You have to see that every action, thought and conversation are leading you towards your goal. When you find out what it is, you are in the right direction.

Why is the need to be still and less busy important for a person?
The need to be still and less busy is a form of meditation. Some form of looking within to see am you are in the right direction. Try to imagine yourself as if you are driving on the wrong highway, wrong direction, and you keep moving. The faster you drive you move further away from your destination. If you stop on the side and think and meditate and analyze where you are and where you need to go, there’s a better chance you will get there. Same with life, you need to find out for yourself are you in the right direction? If yes, you don’t need to be still, just keep on going with excitement and happiness. If not, it’s time to be still, relax, meditate and either change your direction or find out why are you here.

Any advice other advice you can share for living in a more simple and happy way?
Every person is born with a gift and talent from God but even diamonds that fall into the mud get dirty. In the end, it’s still a diamond, it doesn’t change. A diamond stays a diamond. We as humans are different types of shapes and sizes of diamonds created by the Divine. Sometimes we fall into the deep mud and we get dirty because of our egos, anger and different types of selfish behavior. At that moment we can’t be simple or happy. If we just realized we are still perfect the way the Divine created us and all we need to do is to remove the layers of mud around us, we will find happiness and simplicity right away. For that reason, if you ask me how to live a simple and happy life I suggest that within us there is an amazing beautiful baby that refuses to grow. Make sure at least five minutes a day to be as silly as a baby. Smile and laugh for no reason. Choose a hobby. I recommend reading my Daily Affirmations book or any other book that can make you laugh. Remember when you fall to sadness it’s not you, it’s the mud covering you. When you take a shower and remove the mud you will discover your true happiness from within.


Love is the answer no matter what the question is, something you hear Eliyahu Jian say often. Over the years he has taught me to face all of life’s challenges with grace, healed my body using various healing modalities from around the world, from aromatherapy to crystals to using kabbalistic tools, he finds what ails you on a spiritual and physical level. His greatest gift however, is giving you the tools to heal yourself. With a little help from the beyond Eliyahu Jian is truly a healer and mentor of the highest order.

Navigating the In-between

A few years ago I was driving from the big city of Manhattan to the East Hamptons to give a spiritual lecture and mediation on Reincarnation. Those of you who know the road, if you don’t know Long Island, you might get lost.

I saw a husband and wife who kept fighting about what was the right direction to reach the destination. I was thinking how I could be of help. As I got closer to them and opened the window, they were not very interested in receiving my help.

That brought to my attention that it doesn’t matter how much you know a person or how long you have lived with them, when a moment of making decisions of right and wrong and who is right and who is wrong comes, things can sometimes go wrong. We might find the path to Long Island but end up getting divorced in the end.

How do we get to a place that no matter what is happening around us we both win. Is there such a thing as a win-win situation ? If we open our eyes and look at a light bulb, we see the light coming out of the light bulb, and not just physical light, it’s also spiritual light. The light that comes out of the light bulb comes from two opposites. One represents the minus and one represents the plus, almost like as battery. So we have two opinions that have a filament between them. By the two of them working together they Create the balance thats called Light for us. The light that brings light instead of a candle, instead of the sunshine.

A win-win situation can happen when both sides get to a point that each person wants the other to be right and they don’t care to be wrong.

The question is how do we get there? Whats blocking us is fear and insecurity, which are the biggest blockages that exist in people’s lives. When you are either afraid or insecure or need to prove a point, it’s a blockage. If you are so sure of yourself you don’t have to fight with someone about direction or how to get to a certain place. If you need to fight about those little things it’s passive ego. There is active ego, which is immature ego, which is easy to fix when I say I’m the best; and there is a more concealed ego where I think to myself I am the worst and then I cause fights and problems and im afraid people will find out im not that smart.

Win-win situations can only happen when you know who you are, you are sure of yourself and you don’t need to fight or prove a point. Then both of you are winners because both of you feel comfortable just being you.

Think about a situation that you have with someone that you are in a fight with now. Why are you fighting ? You are fighting because its very important to let them know that you are right and they are wrong. Why is it so important to you to get that approval from them? It could be that it has something to do with your self worth.

We need to be secure and brave enough to say “You’re Right” or “I’m Sorry “ when it’s the right time. There is no reason for for fighting or war. There’s always a way and a skill that can be learned on how to bring a person to work together with you.

After all confidence is not something you are born with. Confidence is a practiced skill. When people tell you that introverts are shy and extroverts are secure, I personally don’t believe in that because I am an extrovert and it took me time for me to get out of my insecurity and every time someone would challenge my insecurity I would be upset and it would create waves among people who I was not nice to as a result. Most of the time both POV’s are right. Its just that you are seeing the picture from one angle and they see the picture from a different angle.

If we find a way to listen to the person in front of us we would be able to see that they are right but we are so upset, and we want to get our own point across that we are not capable of hearing each other.

Alignment, Spirituality and Relationships

Our Relationship with everything is a wonderful subject. The first thing that comes to my mind is how we are in tuned with everything around us. I believe, based on a book that was written 2,000 years ago, that the origin of everything is sound, noise, our voices. The vibrations that the voice created eventually created the universe as we know it. Alignment is something we need to do with the vibrations of the universe, together with the vibrations of people around us. Understanding that according to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and the chakras our body has certain vibrations. Seven, according to the Chakras and ten according the sefirot of Kabbalah. What does this mean? We need to be aware that whatever we think, say or do vibrates. Its not just the words vibrating from the vocal chords, your actions vibrate from your hands and your thoughts vibrates as a whole. So our thoughts and awareness vibrate in everything around us.

If a person is jealous, lazy or only thinking about themselves, the vibration they are activating is inviting all types of black holes into their lives. They become a black hole and everything around them that has a black hole finds them. For example if im in a bad mood and I can’t get rid go it , I’m thinking all day of “poor me” then misery loves company and we start to invite that kind of vibration into out life. The minute I transform that “poor me” into taking responsibility and see what I can do about , just thinking about it, without saying or acting upon it yet, just the thought is already starting to invite the right people, right situation , right animals , minerals, etc into my life. Through that our words and actions start to change. Start with your mind, your thoughts. Find your way of meditation. The magic of self care is to understand that I am first changing my thoughts , words and actions. The thoughts are the most important part and the words and actions will follow.

The friends that will come into you life will be the right friends. Otherwise you will find yourself with the wrong people. You do not want the wrong people in your life . Making friends when you are in a black hole and in a victim.com personality you will make friends , but those people will make you suffer for the rest of your life. Change and transform and through that bring and make new friends. A lot of us need to be aware if on out spiritual journey we are busy with our ego. Most of us when we are busy with our ego we tell our kids or friends that they should lower their ego . We need to mention that ego has two sides. The inner ego and the external ego. People with external ego are the people that we usually tell to come down and ground themselves. People with an inner ego are people who hate themselves. That too is ego. They are only busy with themselves. We need to check where we are coming from ? Are we coming from inner ego which means you don’t like yourself ? Or do you suffer from external ego?

External ego means you like to show off and its time to come down to the ground. Work with plants, clean the dishes, do things that have to do with the physical kingdom. If you suffer from inner ego, most likely you are already doing the dishes , folding the laundry and cleaning the toilets. What you have to do is raise yourself from the world of action to the world of talking and thinking. Make sure you empower yourself. Start verbalizing how great you are. Say, “Im amazing”, “I’m unbelievable ” , “I’m one of a kind!” All of these affirmations will give you the inner strength you need. The inner strength is already there. You don’t have to create it, but its covered, and that’s why it needs to be discovered! Removing the covers that cover your inner strength. How do you know when your inner strength has been activated? When you start seeing the good in people. Through being completely aligned you will be able to share your opinion from a place of giving not receiving which was the original intent of the Creation of the universe.


Known for his keen sense of humor, contagious smile and extensive ability to simplify esoteric wisdom, Eliyahu employs a multitude of spiritual tools when sharing his teachings. His lectures, mentorships, seminars and soul readings have taken him around the world as his vision and guidance create a roadmap that deeply motivates and inspires others. Eliyahu translates profound spiritual wisdom into practical advice to empower you to live your happiest and most fulfilled existence.