A 3 decade-long journey

During my three decades as a Kabbalah teacher, I’ve guided men and women through the process of strengthening their relationships, improving their businesses and embracing healthier lifestyles while connecting to a higher power. As an entrepreneur, I co-founded Spiritual Umbrella, an online learning platform for people seeking greater meaning and purpose in their lives.

I make my home in Los Angeles, with my wife Debbie and our three children. My roles have included coaching CEOs, investment fund managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders from every walk of life.

How we feel is a choice

I don’t take myself too seriously and I like to make people laugh and help them choose joy and happiness. How we feel today and every day is a choice. What will you choose to create in your own life? As a Kabbalah teacher, I like simplifying spirituality and ancient esoteric wisdom by sharing timeless knowledge passed down from Kabbalistic sages.

I translate profound Kabbalistic spiritual wisdom into practical, everyday advice that empowers people to live their happiest and most fulfilled experiences. Don’t worry, you don’t need to accept a specific religion or belief system to work with me. I base my work on transcendental principles common to all humanity.

My lectures, mentorships, seminars and soul readings have taken me around the world, sharing vision and guidance with clients, members of a non-profit I co-founded: Vital Transformation, and lecture guests. I work to create new road maps for people’s lives that deeply resonate with their souls while motivating and inspiring positive daily decisions.

Growing up in Israel, I lived in a traditional Jewish home and began my spiritual adventure at the age of 16. I invested years into studying with and assisting some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. Since 1990, I’ve been based in the United States and my journey has involved connecting with thousands of people around the world who are looking to improve their lives and those of the people around them.

I’ve been a Kabbalah teacher for 29 years and my current students include many successful entrepreneurs, public figures and thought leaders working in a diverse range of industries, including personal development, entertainment, and business development.

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How we work together

Through the gifts I have received from my family, teachers, students, and the Divine, I help people through my own unique approach to spiritual coaching. When we connect, I’ll engage you in rational conversation while utilizing timeless Kabbalistic techniques to understand your soul and its path. I will then guide you towards deeper understanding, and assist you in revealing blockages, or as I call them, “blind spots” to help you cultivate a truly fulfilling life. I’ll help you see your true self, reveal your deeper gifts and potential contributions which will provide clarity for your practical, everyday decisions. I’ll guide you towards making more intuitive choices in business.

My Coaching Methods